Should I touch up my roots before I get my hair done at a salon?

Okay so my hair is naturally black, and it's a pain in the a** to fork over the cash and sit in a salon for hours, so I've been doing my roots at home for a long time with great results.

Lately, since it's summer, I've been slacking on my roots MAJORLY and there's an inch or two of natural black hair that has grown out from the medium brown color I dye it.

Here in a week or two, I'm going to change this all up and go to a salon and get my hair dyed a sandy light brown (I know I can't do this at home sadly) my question is, should I take care of my roots that have grown out at home so that my hair is all one color again, or should I just leave it for the lady at the salon to deal with?

I'm afraid if I leave it, the color will come out uneven, but I'm also afraid that if I dye my roots back to the color the rest of my hair is, they may just strip the color or something and I'll have wasted a little bit if time and money for nothing.


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  • If she's worth her salt at the salon, she'll be able to dye it just fine.


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