Question about a tattoo I want to get!?

I figured out the details to the tattoo I want.
"When it rains, look for rainbows"
"When it's dark, look for stars"

I want to get it on my thigh, like if I was to wear boyshort underwear, it would be right where the shorts end. But, I can't decide if I want the entire quote on my right thigh, or put the top portion on my right, and the bottom on my left. Here is the font and all;

This is a picture of the placement similar to where I want it;
But mine would be an inch higher!

Another question is about hip piercings/dermals.

I really would love to get these done, preferably the actually piercings vs the dermal, but I haven't really seen too much information about hip piercings online. I know the correct bar, but what is the rejection rate? Do they have a higher risk of getting ripped out? Have a higher chance of getting snagged? Infections? How to clean em? H2Ocean? Hot or not?

Thank you so much!


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  • What kind of piercings? Not into tattoos much, esp words/quotes. You may get it but everyone else is just like... k? in my opinion most girls look better without tattoos, piercings, some can be ok. Belly button/sometimes a few girls can pull off a nose ring.

    • No one would else see that tattoo unless I was in a bikini or romantically involved with someone. It would be so high up you couldnt see it if I was in shorts.

    • It would show in a bikini then, if your future boyfriend happens to like the beach and ya go out with friends it'll be seen. On the flip side, if no one can see it most of the time, why blacken the skin? It's like having a massive bilboard, inside your house where no one can see it but it costs money and is an inconvenience.

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  • my opinion have one part on your right thigh, and the other part on your left thigh. that would be very attractive if it was on both thighs. but thats just my opinion. i can tell you have a lot of confidence on wearing boyshorts and showing off those tattoo on your upper thighs (when you get them) thats really attractive. i hope you post a picture when you get the tattoos so we can see

  • Okay, normally I don't encourage tattoos because skin itself is beautiful, but if you really want one, put it at the back of your top left shoulder.

    • I already have a tattoo there. It says I love you in my grandmas hand writing!

    • So try it a little bit lower. It wouldn't be as good if you have it in two diff places.

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