How to style a plain 3/4 sleeved plain white shirt?

I prefer to wear jeans rather than skirts when I'm dressing casually. What color jeans? What kind of jewelry? How can I make it look less plain?


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  • See wht/wht at this link (it won't let me post it so here it is broken) https: store. americanapparel. ca/unisex-poly-cotton-3-4-sleeve-raglan-shirt_bb453w. But fo' real any guided answer to this question will depend on your hair and height and body type, your comfort levels w/r/t experimentation or types of accessories and/or jewlery, your personality and the kinds of activities you will be partaking in when you are wearing your 3/4 length white T. I personally think to make it look less plain you have to go full throttle plain. Normcore is around the corner, you know. A toque?


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  • Wear white jeans.


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  • If you're wearing a plain top, try adding a waist belt! It always vamps up the style! Or try some necklaces with color. I personally love doing this!


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