Bf and I recently broke up, I went on fb and saw he started becoming friends with some girl.. does that mean he is looking? , moving on?

we broke up about a week ago, I have not contact him my fb is down, he out his back up and hid his relationship status, still has few pics of us,,, I went on and saw him being friends with some random girl, is he moving on? I haven't heard from him,, he says he still cares and wants to be friends meaning he never really cared to work things out, now here I am, giving the space thinking he will look for me and he hasn't :( even after me being MIA for now, GUYS: what do I do...


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  • Forget him. He is a jerk for not at least trying to get back together or at least be friends. I hope you find someone that loves you real soon (with out a doubt I think it will happen). Good luck!


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  • Forget fb stalking, it's ridiculous and it only causes paranoia. If you want to know, then ask him like they used to do in the good old days before social media.


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