"Attractive girls are better."

Awhile ago, at a college orientation, I had a very pretty roommate who said something like "when you're standing next to an unattractive girl, you just know you are better than her." It was awkward because I'm average looking so at first, I felt like she was targeting me but we got on very well. Was she speaking the truth or was she being shallow? I think she was partially speaking the truth because this type of thinking is prevalent in our society. Attractive women seem to have much more value placed in them. Also, guys, do you do the same thing girls do when meeting other guys? Do you compare looks? If you're an attractive guy and you meet an unattractive guy, do you automatically think you are better or are "one-up" on them?


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  • That girl sounds like someone who's going to drop out after her sophomore year.

    Here's the deal on attractiveness, it's subjective.

    Meaning that one person's version of it is contrasting to another.

    If people find her generally attractive more often, then that's their opinion. It's not everyones opinion. And after they get a mouthful of her very jaded point of view, the attraction will diminish.

    As far as her targeting you, she could very well be doing that. I've known lots of people that are abusive, and keep someone around they throw indirect comments at like that.

    What I don't understand is that people put up with it. I've known people that were aware, and others who were not.

    Those that were aware justified it by saying they couldn't find other friends. And that's what people who are abusive pray on, being able to isolate someone they victimize.

    So, whether she was fair haired or not after that little disclosure, I'd say college life is too short to spend it with a potential friend who is so vain.

    Lose her contact info, and steer clear of her when you get to college. She's not worth your self-respect.

    • No, she was just my orientation roommate for three days and I got on well enough with her for those three days. I didn't hate her or anything, just thought the way she thought was silly. She was not a bad person for the most part but at the back of my mind, I knew she thought she was better than me. It didn't bothered me because I don't care to think that way at all. Anyway, the guy we were talking to ended up asking for my number even though initially, he was trying to get hers.

    • Good for you.

      Bottomline is she is silly, and don't waste any time with her. I didn't get the impression you hated her.

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  • Wow, what an egotistical woman. I don't see a point in comparing myself to whoever is standing next to me. The reason I say this is because what I excel at she may not...but she may excel at something I am terrible at. There's no point in doing this because you'll always be ahead and behind at the same time. People who feel a need to compare themselves clearly don't have the self esteem they truly want.

    • Yeah, at first, I couldn't believe she would say something like that and the guy we were talking with had a very turned-off look on his face. But I think she is just saying out loud what some very egotistical people are thinking. But she didn't turned out to be a complete bitch or anything like that.

    • How nice of you. Sorry but if she said it out loud and didn't think it I would still think she's got some ego issues. In fact, if she didn't think this way yet she said it then she is an even bigger fool.

  • I think it is a natural tendency to do that when you are insecure about ureself. People who have a lot of confidence don't do that because they do need to compare someone who does have the nicest clothes on to make there self feel better, they already think they look nice and that is that. People who have true confiedence do not look down on other people because they are comfotable with theresleves. That girl was not confident even though she was pretty or attrative. No matter how attractive you are if you are looking down on other people than you are not confident. Just becuase is not the best looking in the world does not mean you are better than her because you look good, just becuase looks can change. So that girl might come back the next day look the sh*t and you looking like sh*t. It is a cliche to say it really matters what is on the inside but it is true. I know that I'm not unattractive, I think that I'm pretty, but I still have my insecurities. So in my head I compare myself to people that look a mess at that time to make myself feel better, but that is because I stil have my insecurites. But I'm not saying that I am better than them or one-up than them becuase I don't know them. That is bullsh*t and it is wrong do to. But it is nature to say I look better than this person because of ure different tastes and what you think is nice and ugly.

  • Wow, that's a horrible thing to say. You can't know that you're better than another person simply by looking at them. That's a really vain and shallow approach to life. Only someone who's insecure would feel the need to compare themselves that way. Besides, what's attractive to one person isn't necessarily attractive to another.

  • attractive girls aren't necessarily better.

    even if you thought that girl was better looking

    she sounds like a bitch.

    everyone has different views on what is attractive and what isnt.

    unfortunetly, that is the case in todays society.

    put the pretty girl on all the covers to get more sales.

    but don't feel you need to be in competition or think others are going to judge you,

    because there's always going to be someone out there that finds you great the way you are.

    so brush em off your shoulder and keep being you :]

  • I know that you asked for guys to answer, but I kind of wanted to answer anyways. I actually never really pay too much attention to the way other people look, to be honest, so even if I was standing next to someone gorgeous or someone who is described as average or unattractive, it would make no difference to me either way.I wouldn't feel intimidated or better than the person next to me. But sadly, some people do think the way that your roommate does, which I think is a bit silly. It's almost as if they are trying to reassure themselves of something or are trying to make themselves feel better about some sort of insecurity that they have. I don't think attractive people are any better than average ones, because when it comes right down to it, they're all human.

  • I think she was being shallow. I've thought before that I'm more attractive than other people I know, but it never made me think I was better than them. I would not really want to be friend with someone who thought something like that =/

    • I'll admit that she does have some very shallow ways of thinking but she wasn't a bad person. Though, if I were to room with her all year long instead of just at orientation, I think she might have gotten a bit annoying, lol.

  • Society places a lot of value on looks. Attractive people are seen as better or valued more by others. Not by all people, but just shallow people which unfortunately is a lot of people. It might not be outright said, "Oh so-and-so is better, or I'm better than you" but the attitudes are there. But that is all up until you get to know the person.

    Personally I don't think I am better than anyone. That is a stupid way of thinking. I think I am fairly attractive compared to who's standing next to me LOL I get insecure and think I'm ugly a lot too. But to think you are better because you're attractive is just awful. Beauty is a blessing but it can also be taken away. God forbid that girl got disfigured in an accident, what would she do then? Attractive people are lucky they hit the genetic lottery, they have no control of their looks so they shouldn't be cocky about it.