Which decade from the last century do you think it was the worst according to fashion?

I'd say 50s were the WORST. Both men and women were too classy back then and boring as hell. Men in their suits women in dresses and heels and stupid ugly hair... and listening to vocal-like music like The Platters. Ugh it makes me PUKE.
In 60s things have changed to the better with the appearance of movements like psychedelic rock or progressive rock or hard rock later. And men started to grow longer hair and wearing more casual clothes and their behaviour wasn't as stupidly classy as the last decade. Generally it was the decade when world began to change, and music as well.
In 70s the stupid disco fashion made me puke... men in silly silk clothes and women with big afro-hair... yuk. Fortunately glam rock and punk rock saved the day.
80s were the BEST!!! Nice haircuts among men and women, men wearing make-up as well, colourfour clothes and nice music full of synths. WOW!!!
90s... well it doesn't make such difference with today's standards but boy bands haircuts of this era were pretty neat and cool

Which one did you hate most according to your opinion?
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What Girls Said 4

  • 80's and 90's. Leg warmers. Ridiculous colors. Ridiculous hair. Just very unflattering in general. Everyone looked like they had just rolled out of the clearance section of Hot topic. Ew ew ew ew ew.
    At least people in the 50's wore more neutral clothes, and clothes that actually flattered their body types and made them look classy. People looked like hobos in the 80's and 90's.

    • 80s and 90s were great. 50s were SHITTY! Men in suits women in dresses dancing in a ball-room... so romantic in a bad way that makes me puke. I prefer to be trashy than classy. It's sad to hear from a young woman to prefer classy... sounds like an old lady lamenting about the good old days

    • Lol, and yet so many guys today whine about women not being classy anymore :P oh well.

    • fuck those guys. i don't want the woman to be classy it's ridiculous.

  • The 80s was the best for definite but I love the 60s and 50s fashion too. I don't like the 90s fashion because I feel like it didn't stand out it was just very plain I don't know

  • The 70s were

  • 80's and 90's were the worst

    • why people hate 80s so much?

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    • at least people were more creative in hairstyles then. just remember bands like Human League and Flock of Seagulls and their hairstyles ;-)

    • Human league has normal average haircuts, creative? Well anyways. I think 80's style is horrible

What Guys Said 3

  • the 70's. disco fashion/bell bottoms and handle bar mustaches ugh. thankfully punk rock came up and killed some of that nonsense.

    • hahaha yeah... that's what i was saying. i prefered the spiky hair from punk rock... disco-style was a crime against the fashion

  • Honestly, I'd go with the 10's and 20's. When all babies wore dresses. Also not a huge fan of the flapper haircuts. Although your comments about the 80 ' s made me laugh my ass off. Men and women had good hair. I can remember the 80 ' s. It wasn't a good decade for hair.

    • it's a matter of taste. I like the DuranDuran-esque hairstyles

  • 2000s. Mıllenium.


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