How do you remove your armpit hair? Why do they always super smooth?

Girls, how. do you remove or shave your both armpits? I asked because I find them super smooth... Therefore I am wondering how girls remove their armpit and leg hairs so much... I think razor blades don't remove a hair piece. from its follicle so ingrown hair and razor bumps can occur. In that case my preference is waxing. Have you ever tried it? Briefly I ask, hiw do you remove your hair?


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  • I've tweezed all my armpit hair off before, it's tedious but totally worth the effort... so smooth, so long lasting. Usually I shave but sometimes get razor burn. To avoid that, I'll shave one or two days when I know it's going to be hot, and go a few days after that without shaving at all.

    • what? you tweeze your armpits? doesn't it hurt?

    • That sounds soooo painful, ouchhhh!

    • Not really as much as you would think! lol Sure, a few of them will hurt just as if you tweezed anything else but honestly you just kind of get used to it. It just takes a long time...

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  • i shave em'

  • I shave my armpits and legs you don't get ingrown hairs in either of those places


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