You're ready to go out and everything seems okay, when you're already out, you look at yourself in the mirror and something is wrong. What you do?

This happens to me a lot. I'm about to go out and I look at mirror and everything seems good. Then, when I'm not at home anymore, I look to another mirror and I notice that something is wrong. And I can't go back to fix it.
I wonder how is it possible that I haven't notice it before.

Does this happen to you? Do you try to fix it? Or do you forget about it?


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  • This happens every day to me...-.-

    Well, first of all, I ask my friends to tell me if something is really bad, and they will tell me...
    Because maybe it´s only something I can notice... And my friends do tell me if something is really wrong!;)

    Secondly - always bring your make up/hair brush etc. if your going out with people you HAVE to look good in front of... I´m always bringing my foundation and a mascara, because I can fix the worst things in a few secs with that :)

    Thirdly - just don´t care... Everyone have already seen how you look, so it´s no need to cover up... :) If you just seem confident, it´s less chance that people will notice your faults


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  • See, that's why I just take a shower wash my hair dress up and leave. Not much can go wrong like that.


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  • Make-up wise? It might have to do with the lighting in your room vs. sunlight, etc.


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