Guys how often do you shave your body?

I shave every 5 days or so now in summer... it gets very tiring though


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  • When my sacred plane starts to grow into an enchanted forrest


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  • All I shave is part of my face, (I have a goatee) and I do that everyday or every other day. I don't know any guys who actually shave anywhere else.

    • Really?

    • Yeah, I have hairy legs and arms, but a lot of my friends have way harrier chests then me and none of them shave. I've only ever heard of bodybuilders shaving their whole body.

    • i'm not a bodybuilder but i shave

  • Never. All I shave is my face.

    • if you don't produce body hair then you are a lucky one

    • I produce body hair, I just see no reason why I should shave it.

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