How do I dress better and attract guys and stuff?

I'm 5'2/5'3
117 lbs
And I'm 14
Brown hair and eyes and mid length hair and I want to know how to dress better and have good posture and make boys attracted to me and don't say just be yourself Bc I dress super boyish And I don't know I just want to attract boys I'm sick of being just like those girls that no guy likes! How to make guys like me more? And how to dress better and stuff like what do I do?
  • Funny girl that's chill but kinda weird and dresses indie
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  • Nice girly girl who loves bows and stuff
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Most Helpful Guy

  • You're 14. Do your homework.

    • I asked for help not for someone to tell me what to do I'm on break so shut up dude and if you don't like my question don't answer, simple.

    • It's not that I don't like your question. It's that you're still a kid and this isn't something you should be worrying about. I'll be honest a lot of guys like the tomboy look. I know I did when I was young (the only thing that's changed is that I'm an adult now and clothing style has absolutely zero relevance to whether or not I'm attracted to someone), and they like it because it makes them feel more comfortable because they feel they can be themself around you. About telling me to shut up, maybe you shouldn't ask questions if you only want answers you agree with.

    • I'm sorry
      It's just I'm not just trying to impress guys I personally just hate how I dress.

Most Helpful Girl

  • haha wow um i dont like either of those fashion ideas.
    now you can be the totally confident chick with the skater girl look?
    e. g. short-shorts, long socks, canvas shoes, tank top and jacket wrapped around waist. beanie is a must have.
    there is the super posh, london looking type?
    e. g. tights and a long sleeved top ohhh and i waist coat, any colour scarf can go if you wear a black waits coat


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  • being yourself is the most appropriate way to find love i guess, but i never myself have been in any relationship and i am 16 :D


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