I am going to get my nose pierced?

Hey so when I can start putting new nose peircings my nise. I was wondering what is a Great website to buy awesome piercings. Thats are cheap so yeah I was juat wondering.


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  • Don't do it, you could get infected and also if it gets yanked, you'll end up trying to plug your nose back in like Michael Jackson had to do when his plastic surgery kept having its mishaps.

    • ^ Seems like a pointless piercing that can get caught on shit, only a few girls I have seen can pull it off anyway.

    • The truth hurts, deal with it.

    • Oops, to the guy who down-voted me.

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  • Oooo Freshtrendz. They have good quality ones that are cheap. I just ordered from them last week and it came pretty quickly! I highly recommend them.

    • Plan on doing like that chick from Pulp Fiction?

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  • I think piercings on noses just look weird. Stick with ears.

  • Dont buy cheap crap, a lot of that stuff has lead in it, buy something that is certified to be without lead and other toxic metals.


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