Frustration fix? Goody two shoes stereotype?

I find myself really frustrated with guys and dating in general. I've been single for most of my life. It's not an unhappy life but it's not entirely fulfilling.

I feel like I get typified a lot by guys. I'm your basic good girl to them. I just am having trouble feeling accepted for who I am. I'm kinda quirky so I try to play that up. I'm also very intelligent and get really good grades. I am little miss honor roll. I wear it with a smile. But I want to be seen for more than my intelligence, cuteness, and good grades. I'm not overweight btw if anyone was thinking that.


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  • Well you could be trying to impress the wrong kind of guys, because some of the "cooler" guys tend to be a little less mature than most and if you are going after them then you might have to wait a while until they wise up to the fact... But if you are just going to go after guys in general you would just have to go a little outside your safe zone and do something odd or random.

    If nothing else I'm sure that you could just go to a dance/party and have fun, but never go out with the sole purpose of getting a guy. It is never a good idea cause some guys catch this and will take advantage of you, you should go to just have fun and guys will see you having fun and see you as a challenge to go after. And give them some good body language signs and stuff and you will get a Boyfriend its not that hard after all, all guys want to date at pretty much every point of their cognative life...


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  • So you stay away from drugs and that sh*t? That's a very admirable trait that is scarce these days and you should be very proud of yourself for it.

    The world needs more people like you, if you ever feel like you're not accpeted it's because you're looking for acceptance from the wrong people.

    You ever need to talk my inbox is always open.

  • a lot of guys are looking for a cute, smart, intelligent girl and that's going to be the thing about you that interests them the most.

    If you want to not get stereotyped, you have to do/wear/be something that SCREAMS "I'm not who you think I am." Otherwise people will pre-judge you every time.


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  • All of the qualities you're known for are great ones. I think if you're not being accepted by guys because of them then you're not going for the right guys.