How can I make my hair look like this?

i know its ''britney spears'' lol

but im just a hudge fan of her look, her hair and makeup!

iv tried making this certain hair style but it didn't work as well,... i already own a hair straightner,...

plus i like to know how her cropy hair style is made aswell?
Updates: it brithey spears at her oynx hotel tour
ok if anyone can see the pic, its briney spears, oynx hotel tour,... and girls if your fimiliar, i want her straight brunette hair style that has volume in the back,... lol


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  • Access denied, try uploading the picture somewhere else like imageshack.

    • well i can see it, it part with my Q,... il try image shack aswell

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    • Honestly I think that'd be pretty hard. I mean people go to cosmetology school to be able to do stuff like this, and doing it to yourself is even harder. It's possible though, lol.

    • yeah thats true!,...

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  • The good one is whereby one looks like they have been hit by a tornado at the back of their head.

  • access deniend for me


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