Where can I go to ACTUALLY save money?

I've been hunting for some more 50's style cut dresses for myself recently. My largest problem is that for whatever reason the prices have been MAJORLY jacked on these dresses! Audre Hepburn would turn in her grave if she saw the cheap cloth clothes were made of today for as much as they want! I've hit Amazon, Etsy, Ebay's a joke, and Milanoo-but all the prices are the same. They want between $50-$180 for the dresses without their proper petticoats! What's worse is that the material they're all made of rips at the seams after they've been washed two or three times. Are there any out there for between $20-$30? Cause that's all they're worth! This is a Hell Bunnies nightmare :P


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  • Nope... can't think of one. You may get a flimsy top for that amount of money... but nothing more.


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  • In a cinema? Thats not very appropriate lol

    • It's appropriate for my life style.

    • Sorry my phone messed up and this posted on the wrong question! This was for someone who was talking about sexual stuff to do in a cinema. Lmao! My bad!

    • Oh hahaha! The blindfold thing right? I had thought that myself!

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