College stuff... what your thoughts?

hey... this fall im going to college. i need supplies...
i am getting

lose paper
maybe a pencil sharpener.

what are some other stuff... what your thoughts?


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  • Notepads for each subject youl be taking
    folders to keep notes and handoouts of each subject
    painkillers that you always keep in your backpack because if you really dont want a headache ruining your classes.
    a diary to write down important test dates and assignments due dates (or a calender you hand on your wall)
    a calculator; this kinda depends on the subjects your taking. but having one around is always useful.
    a backpack, seems obvious, but trust me, carrying around books the whole day is no fun!
    a watch
    an ipad to access any online materials during class, but this one is really optional. i find it handy to have one anyway.
    ruler (probably a short one)
    i dont know what their called but their those page markers that come in different colors. or alternatively, posti notes.
    A USB STICK! this is a lifesaver, keep it on your keychain at all times with your student ID
    a very reliable computer that includes the full microsoft office suite on it, wifi access and probably bluetooth

    thats all i can think of now. the rest you have i think.


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  • You've got to start writing day-to-day journals, write and write. Don't worry about how bad it is, but try to write a lot. If you do this, when the professor asks you something like "Why are you in this class?" (that's a typical question), you'll be able to articulate an answer. Oh and fyi, I defeated my professor when we had a bout of argument regarding that same question. =)

    • what you talkin about bro

    • Let's say you've got Bio classes, you read about bio and you write your thoughts on them. For me, it was philosophy, so I wrote on subjects ranging from Ethics to ontology and so on, so when I had questions about these things, I already had something defensible to say in class. It's a mind prep.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Notebooks are a MUST, as is your own printer. And a laptop.

    Are you living at home or will you be on campus?

    If you won't be commuting from home you may want to look into bedding and dorm supplies such as lamps, fans, etc.

  • A Backpack
    Pencil Case
    Diary - to keep track

    If you're staying in a dorm - then the usual kitchen supplies, bedding etc

  • I would get highlighters and dividers to help you separate what's important to study and things that are important to the course.

  • college have free stapler and pencil sharpener. I'm in college and my darest advice is to get a printing machine!

  • Depends, what's your major?

    • ac sci

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    • Also something to entertain yourself when you don't want to do homework. We can all say we're going to be great diligent people, and don't get me wrong, go to class and do your work, but if you don't have a time set a side for fun you'll burn yourself out.

    • And on a side tangent, get to know your professors and show them that you're putting effort into your class and your major.

      I got railroaded last year with some stuff, long story short I should have failed the class but the professor gave me an A. This won't always happen trust me, but if the group project isn't going well? Ask their advice on how to make it work. Struggling in your work? Go to their office hours and ask for help. Also, read and follow the syllabus. You have no idea how many professors get pissed because the question is in the syllabus.

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  • dont get a stapler, your college will have it most likely. i dont know whta you would use tape for, get mechanical pencils so you won't need a pencil sharpener.

    you'll find out on the first day what you'll need.


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