Sticked out ears? problem?

i have big round sticked out ears, and i ashamed to do my hair up even just simple ponytail. so i keep my hair down, but it's disturbing. what should i do to be confident as i am with all i had


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  • Lots of guys have that too, have you seen some of the UFC fighters? Lots of athletes, though it doesn't make a big deal. I have an unkempt beard and mustard/ketchup stained shirt, I don't even notice the stares.


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  • Have you ever seen Carly Bybel?

    She has ears that stick out -bottoms of her ears though... looks strange -at first-, but she just works it so well that it doesn't matter and no one cares, because she's comfortable with it and it shows. =)

    Just go for it one day and you'll see if you feel any different.


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