What eyeshadow do you think would look best on me?

I wore this hot pink color today and it looked like I was punched in the face. I've been trying to wear less makeup, its bad for your skin and I really wanna look more natural. oh yea btw, NEVER use Revlon DoubleTwist Volumizing mascara, it SUCKS.

but yea, what eyeshadow colors would look best on me?


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  • Hot pink is never a good eyeshadow to wear unless its halloween, it never comes out how you plan it to. But I would suggest shades or purple or gold because you have brown eyes. Bright emerald green looks good too, but its always kinda tricky to pull of that color sometimes.

  • i am also a black girl with brown eyes

    and I recently picked up Almay's intense i-color for browns eyes

    it has 3 colors, lavender, brown, and a beige, which you put on all on one eye

    or I guess whichever ones you want.

    the instructions say to put the lavender on your eyelid [the one below the crease]

    next you put the brown on the crease itself

    last you put the beige on the remainder of your eyelid.

    but it Almay is not for you

    then try going for those colors because they look nice on our brown skin :]

    • Also, I started using Almay mascara

      and it doesn't clump like Revlon lol

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