What can I wear that will look appropriate to a casual wedding reception (not attending actual ceremony)? meeting bf's extended family there too!?

This weekend I have a wedding reception to attend with my boyfriend. We are fairly new in our relationship and I have not met all of his family yet. We have prior commitments on Saturday therefore only allowing us to be able to attend the wedding reception for his cousin.

I don't want to look too dressy but not underdressed either. The wedding is very casual. He already told me not to wear a dress. But then I'm confused on what to wear if he doesn't want me super dressed up.

I have not met his extended family before and want to make a good impression.

Can I wear a flowy dress that is not so formal? Or do I look for some sort of skirt to wear with a dressy top? Could I wear white skinny jeans with a fancy top and heels? HELP! I am shopping tonight after work so I need to know what to look for.


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  • www.forlifeandstyle.com/.../...ual-dresses_021.jpg

    What about something like that? Casual but still dressy-ish.

  • Location?

    Time of day?

    • It's at a small town bowling alley reception hall (nothing too fancy). The reception is later afternoon early evening.

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    • Ok that makes more sense now. It just threw me for a loop when he told me to not wear a dress. I think maybe he just meant to not wear a super fancy dress. I'll wear a dress then maybe that I would wear to a winery/out door event such as upscale shopping etc. I still want to look hot for him though. I love wearing fitted dresses but flowy is a good idea in this situation.

    • Yeah if you're in a LBD and everyone else is casual it's way off. Summer dresses have tht advantage if not looking out if place when surrounded by people wearing jeans and shorts right up to summer suits or sportsjackets. They fit in a pretty wide formality range.

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  • Take out the LBD, they are fine for an occasion like this.

    • what is LBD mean?

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    • Wear pumps and casual jewelry.

    • Plus you already own one... I just saved you $100.

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