Can facial hair? Guys help, please?

Can facial hair make your nose look bigger or smaller? Guys?


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  • Depends on amount of hair and possibly color, but why should you care what your nose looks like? Most women (or guys, whatever you're into) don't care about that crap. Though, facial hair can actually make you look like you've gained weight in the face if you have very course and thick hair.

    • Women don't care about noses?

    • I don't. There's so many other aspects about someone that is far more interesting than a nose on a guy. I would rather be much more into your life goals, career, and your personality. A nose on a human being, does not simply determine what kind of human being they are. Your just being self-conscious, which is normal. Other women will only care more about it if you make a bigger deal out of it.

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  • Not a guy but larger bushier facial hair will make your nose look smaller. If you have smaller styled facial hair, like a pencil thin mustach, your nose will look bigger.


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