Girls: Do you like shopping at Forever 21?

Girls, do you like shopping at Forever 21, also guys? The Forever 21 at the mall I go to has a section for guys too, but not all have a section for guys. Anyone else love that store like I do? I'm super happy that the store I go to is HUGE, it's an anchor store as well.
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What Guys Said 2

  • I'll be honest, i hated when my ex's brought me there and they spent hours shopping, but in all honestly they always looked amazing! I love their cloths because they're beautiful

  • Well, if you've got the money...


What Girls Said 3

  • Not really.. They have cute clothes no doubt, but I rather pay more money for similar pieces that have better quality fabrics. After like three washes, everything I buy from Forever 21 fades, or starts to tear at the seams.

  • I don't like shopping there because I hate the layout of the store.
    its huge and everything is spread out and there is no real organization... they'll have jewelry in one spot but thats about it. Shoes and purses are sprinkled throughout the store and to really "shop" you basically have to cover every inch of the store just to see everything.

    I can buy similar stuff from TJ Maxx for the same price or cheaper, the quality of the fabric is better, I can actually find things I'm looking for or browse with ease because I understand the clear-cut layout, and they only have a small handful of each shirt, dress, etc so its not like I'm going to walk into school and see five other girls with the same shirt on (which I see happen a lot with other girls who shop from Forever 21 and other similar stores).

    Not hating on Forever 21, I see cute things on the website and on my friends and its not super expensive... but I can't stand physically being in the store trying to shop there.

  • I've been in one, but never bought anything.


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