Who says I'm beautiful anyway?

I've been dealing with this problem since adolescence -

I don't mind other people's business and I never act like a goddess to people around me but why do I always hear side comments about my looks almost always. I just walk on the street and then girls would say, "She's not beautiful! Who does she thinks she is?!" Then as I aged to adulthood, some men seemed to flirt with me but I refused to think it as such because I know I'm not attractive. So I just don't mind them. But when they get no reaction from me, they're like "She's ugly!"

I want to yell at them and say "Who says I'm beautiful anyway? Just let me go about my business!"

Some people are just so mean. I do nothing with them but they hate me for something I don't have.

Somehow it affected my self-esteem. I became too self-conscious but it seems like part of my everyday living now...


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  • women can be bitches, and maybe those guys just want to make it seem like not such a big deal that you shot them down. you should look at yourself and see the things about yourself, not just aesthetics...and if they make comments like that let it go through one ear and out the other! don't let comments like that stick to you, and I'm sure you are not ugly like you feel


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  • Ugly, or pretty, are relative commodities. Personally, if a woman is reasonably height/weight proportionate and of the Afican/American race, my only physical criteria are met. From here it's all a matter of personalities and commonalities. Don't get bogged down with the shallow insights of people you wouldn't care to know anyway. Be who you are, and search out a partner who makes you feel as you deserve to feel. Cherished.

  • Well, there are a lot of jealous women out there and a lot of angry men after getting shot down. If you want a real answer post a pic and I wouldn't mind giving my opinion. ;) Good luck.


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