Bleaching body hair question?

Hi am not afraid of saying like everyone (not manly) that I do have hair around stomach area and obviously fore- arms. I do rid of the basic hair and all, but I would rather not see it.
I never actually used bleach to make the hair lighter and was wondering what is the best product and how dangerous is it. I assume there may be skin reactions and stuff. Is there bleach for sensitive skin?, and I don't want to get one that smells like strong nail polish.
My skin is pale-medium with some thin faded- out scars, so I am even more cautious about that.
So girls help a sister out :)


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  • id say dont bleach, rather go for waxing coz bleach is very dangerous for skin. use veet body wax strips

    • Oh glad I asked!, I was thinking getting it professionally done and I can handle the pain. Thanks for the tip :)

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    • i'd like to say that get it done from a parlour first 2-3 times then u can do it at home, it'll save u from going to parlour again n again n all the expenses, those strips are very cheap n easy to use, good luck :) ask me if u need any further help

    • ty for MH sweetie :)

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  • bleach your bum hairs too, i appreciate when she does that, it doesn't creep me out when its just alittle fluff of blondish hair


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