Are those dresses "serious" enough for work?

I usually dress pretty feminine but I'm gonna start my first job soon, in an investment bank and I know I can't exactly walk in in a floral dress.
I still want to look cute, but grown up. I'm having trouble finding the right balance. So are those outfits ok



there are different prints for this dress, some darker some lighter, but all kind floral.



Just to get an idea?
I ordered some bodycocon dresses that I thought looked pretty professional. Like this

but to be quite honest that's not really my style. And I'm fairly thin, I don't really fill them out, so I'd rather wear something else


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  • I think they look fine as well. Attractive and serious.

    • ok thanks for answering, I was especially not sure about the colors, since all the men will be wearing suits, I was wondering if I should stick with those colors

    • Difficult to comment on the colors -- it just depends on what looks right on you. As long as you feel comfortable, look sharp, are covered appropriately according to the prevailing culture, then you will be fine. I'm a suit-wearer at work (as all the men are). Some women choose trouser suits, some wear skirts, some dresses. No problem. Go for it

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  • 1-3 seem absolutely fine!
    4 looks like a big shirt to me, not very classy
    the rest is ok (love the last one!)
    I work in such an office environment as well:
    - just make sure the dresses are not too short / about knee length or just on top of knee
    - don't wear too tight dresses, like 9 looks rather tight
    - nothing sleeve free / strapless - like 1 is ok, but I would always put wear a little jacket with it
    - color is good! especially in summer. often you don't have to wear just monochrome
    - no big cleavage
    but I would dress moderately in the begining and see what the other women wear.

    • ok thx.
      Well I would wear 4 with a belt.

      I wasn't really sure about color at all. I figured since most of the men will wear suits, most of the women would go with black, white and grey too. But most of them wear colors from your experience?

      I'm in the computer department anyways, so I hope they're a bit more lose on the dress code

    • well, from what I know, color is fine and fresh. perhaps not a mickey mouse shirt or sth.
      regarding the computer department, well (out of cliché, sorry to say)... those guys don't have a dress code..:-))) because they only work internally and only with computers... but it's never wrong to look well dressed! as said , just see what the others way and look like that. I started off with suits and quickly realised (in my department) it is not necessary...

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  • Well, you could go and get a idea of what is appropriate/professional and seeing if there are any dress code rules by asking someone. I think with a jacket and maybe some hose they would defiantly look professional but still feminine.

  • They look fine to me, use a bush-up bra if your can't fill them out

    • well the thing with tight dresses is they're supposed to be tight, but they're not, not anywhere. I have a fairly big cup size which is also why I need to be careful with what I wear. But they're ok on my chest but lose everywhere else

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    • No it's like that even when I choose the smallest size.
      As I said it's different with the first 5 dresses, because those are supposed to be lose fitting, which is why I would prefer them

    • Then go for one or two of then to begin with and see how it goes.

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