Is it possible for a guy to be good looking and nice at the same time?

I know him for the last 6 months. He's been a great friend.

He buys chocolates for me. Helps me out. Smiles at me all the time. Calls me almost every night for some random reason and we have fun chatting. He tells me that I'm fun and cute. He tells me that his heart slows down when he sees me. He's there whenever I want him. Basically I'm extremely attracted to him.

Few days back he admitted to liking me.

The problem is that he's too nice and humble for a good looking guy. I mean he's just gorgeous and why is he acting like a nerd around me? As if I'm so much better than him. I don't get it, I'm scared of how nice this guy is to me.

Should I be cautious of such guys that seem too good to be true?

No its not! He was a big jerk who just wanted to fck me. But I didn't let him so now he just ignores me and doesn't care for me.


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  • Taken to the finest garden in the world, the fool will say: the birds do sing too loudly.


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  • Looks are something that a person can't change (much). So it seems logical that some people who are nice people will incidentally be good looking. Some people say that good looking people will trend away from being nice people because they realize that they can get away with more than the average person, but I don't think this means that EVERY good looking person will do that. Be wary that he is putting on an act, but only out of normal concern, not just because he's good looking.

  • Well, the trick in this situation is that what you consider good looking is not universal. It is very particular on your taste. You were talking as if his look will be perceived as good universally by every woman out there. Not so! Chances are he is butt ugly to most women but you. Just to give you a perspective, I think Cindy Crawford looks like a dude, hence I am repulsed by her face. Her body, on the other hand...


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