How to put on solid concealer?

I don't have liquid concealer in a stick I have the one that is in a square package and you had a use a square make up patch and rub it on your face and I hate the feeling of having on so much so how do i minimize the amount of concealer I have on?


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  • So you're using a cream? Put some on your clean ring finger and pat in until blended. I prefer just using foundation. Set it with a translucent powder. DONT use concealer all over your face.

    • I just started wearing make up mid July I didn't know you weren't suppose to put it all over your face. Thank you!

    • Welcome haha yes it's very thick and can feel like a mask with it all over your face. If you have some blemishes that can't be covered with foundation, cover first with concealer and use foundation on the entire face. If you have good skin you can just wear foundation or a tinted moisturizer/bb/cc cream. Just make sure you set it all with powder.

    • Thank you for mho! Good luck in the future with makeup

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  • Usually the sponge that comes with a product sucks, so you can purchase some cheap sponges or a brush (whichever feels better). You can also use your ring finger just make sure your hands are clean. It is actually better if you use your ring finger for concealer under your eyes, because the ring finger is the softest and it is less harsh on the delicate skin. If you use your fingers or a tool just remember to PAT NOT RUB until it fully blends in!!! I cannot stress this enough. It actually makes a difference on coverage, how putting on the concealer feels, and the health of your skin. This also applies to pimples and such.


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