What are prints you like on clothes?

title says it all! what are the prints you like on clothes? i really like leopard print,. floral prints ans polka dots lol... and what about you?https://sylvianickerson.ca/img/what_about_you.gif


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  • I like to wear dress t-shirts with like Harley Davidson ,
    Cross , Skulls.. My cousin buys lot of them and she
    don't wear them i get them... She is older tomboyish
    type she is not girly type.. But i do like them I'm not picky
    when I'm home i wear white beaters and shorts i dress
    like a city hillbilly when I'm home.. I like dress shirts with
    floral designs, solid colors I'm not big spender.. I like Kacky
    type color casual pants.. Not into jeans much at all

  • I'm a huge fan of floral, polka dots, leopard prints and a lot more but the only thing that matters is on what type of outfit & which occasion is it worn - it's all about presentability & aesthetics

    • lol just like me

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    • just googled it... dude they're naked

    • oh god ha ha ha you won't find it on Google, if you Google it this is what you'll find lol. Check with Indian friends about that concept in the earlier movies lol

  • Either abstract or nothing. My shirts normally consist of flannel squares or small detailed designs. No graphics (thats for children).

    • not cool:(

    • What, that I think graphics are for children? Like this tees that have skulls and brand names on them? It's just my openion :)

  • I actually prefer no prints. Most of my shirts are just one color. V-necks and tight as fuck to show off to everyone xD

  • For myself I do not really like any prints, I am a plain shirt kind of person.


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