Is it possible that there are any guys who want to have body hair? SOunds strange?

I've read somewhere here a few times, that there guys who not only don't mind about body hair... but they WANT to have body hair?

I really can't believe it... i consinder body hair just like an illness that must be cured... especially in our days


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  • Some men want a hairy look. Too me there's a certain point of body hair on a man where if it's passed, I think he should remove the excess.

    Oddly, some things you'd think would reduce body hair actually increase it. Back when things ran directly on coal, working the furnace lead to increased body hair for protection. Doesn't really make sense to me, but that's what happened.

    • what do you mean? i didn't understand

    • If a man looks too much like a hairy ape, it disgusts me even though I'm not gay.

      If you meant the other thing, then exactly what I said: one would expect hair to burn off near a furnace rather than grow as a protective covering.

    • I didn't know that.. thanks

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  • I like body hair on men. Not too too much, but at least some. I don't think it's gross at all, and it's not a disease since it's supposed to be there.

    • it's a DISEASE for me at least

    • It's okay if you want to remove your body hair, don't worry about it.

    • yeah but i wonder how are there men who don't mind or even they want to have. They make them look weird

  • I don't know how so many "rational" people are so scared of body hair. Makes no sense to me. We're all mammals... not those scary hypoallergenic, furless cats that scare the crap out of me.

    • we're not similar with cats you know

  • Ew. Men need some hair. It's a turn off to me if a guy shaves everything. Maybe unless he's a swimmer.

    • i don't give a damn about if it's a turn-off or not.

  • i believe body hair is sexy for a man, not too much hair like a polar bear lol, but he must have the manly hair like on chest to make me comfy when i sleep over him in winters :)

    • that's really ridiculous... better take a teddy-bear to hug

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    • thank u for the upvotes girlies :*

    • eh? what are you talking about? if you wanna wax DO IT FOR YOURSELF and only for yourself, not for any guy

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  • I want some body hair (and have some) because the hair makes me feel masculine (like a man). But I do have to try and keep it even and looking good. I don't want hair going all over the place.

  • I like my hairy self, lol when learning something new I can always comment " aha my beard grows longer!!"

    • you don't have thick beard, you seem to be just a few days unshaved

    • Hey I'm still working on it haha

  • i want body hair LOL, it's not that bad, and makes me feel more confident and manly :).


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