"Hot," "cute," and "beautiful" are my 'categories.' How do you classify people?

For me, these have always been my 3 distinguishing categories to separate people I find attractive. It works for me as:

Hot=Someone who has a lot of sex appeal

Cute=Someone who has quirks about their expressions, personality, or overall appearance that makes them attractive in unexplainable ways

Beautiful=Someone who has a natural prettiness to them and a warmth about them

How do you classify different people you're attracted to?


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  • I don't usually put people I find attractive into different categories, either I find them attractive or I don't. I'll use words like hot and cute interchangeably to describe anyone who is attractive to me.


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  • Hmm... I never really actually thought of the meanings behind those words when using them or when being called either of the words mentioned above. I kind of thought they all meant the same thing, in a way. Like paigems said, I use those words interchangeably as well without really thinking about it. To me, any attractive person could be described as any of those words...

  • well you kno looks aren't everything.

    there are also smartness, caring, and funny,

    there are many "cute", "hot" and "beautiful" girls out there

    but first you need to see how they work because you never kno

    she might be those girls that are pretty but bad attitude.



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