If a girl is pretty/good looking, will most guys tell her and let her know that?

i don't get what the norm behind letting someone know they're good looking is...do most people not want to boost others egos or seem too obvious...or is it straight forward, that if you're not that good looking you won't get compliments?

  • Telling someone they're good looking boosts their ego and is too obvious!
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  • If someone is above average, I would let them know and tell them straight out!
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  • If it's a girl I'm interested in, I'd tell her she's pretty all the time.

    If me and her were only interested in being friends I'd tell her the truth, but only if she brings it up.

    If she's a stranger it depends entirely on her ego/self esteem like Dela said.

    If she has low self esteem I'd tell her she was beautiful even if she was average. If she thinks she's god's gift, I'd say she was just ok even if she looks gorgeous.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I guess it just depends on the person and their personality. IF they're a friendly person with average self esteem or even low self esteem then tell them they're pretty if the chance ever arises. If they're a generic hot looking bitch, who thinks they're gods gift to earth, I wouldn't tell them they're pretty. Actually Id do anything I could to beat down their ego.

  • from my experience, if I've told a girl something like this, theyll ignore me the next day

    it sounds like its only just an ego boost, nothing else

    i dk, really, does it really help, in getting you to talk to us though, if not, then I won't do it anymore

  • Ever tell you the hottie you like you think they're hot? That's what I thought.


What Girls Said 2

  • i realise that a lot of goodlooking girls don't get compliments as much as people think they do. I think it's got to do with how someone behaves. if a girl acts like she's the hottest sh*t around, I don't think guys would bother to compliment her.

  • Whenever I think a guy is hot I will tell him pretty blatantly. If I talk to a guy that is average I compliment him too because everyone needs some self confidence right?

    Same goes with girls though if a girl or guy is not the most attractive person, I try not to ever bring it up in conversation to make sure that they never feel uncomfortable.