Will my makeup come off when I'm swimming?

So I'm going to a camp for 2 weeks today and when you get there you have to complete a swim test, you jump in the lake and swim from one dock to another.

I stupidly forgot about this and put my makeup on (concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, etc) and now I don't know if I should take it off or not.

Will my makeup come off when I'm in the lake or should I take it off.
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  • Take it off, its just a waste of makeup
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  • Take it off, you don't even need to wear so much
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  • The powder and the bronzer will come off immediately when your face gets wet, that's for sure. Depending on how far you'll have to swim, most (if not all) of your concealer and foundation will come off as well unless it's waterproof. So there's really no point in having any makeup on, you might as well just wipe it off.


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  • yeah, all of that is coming off unless you made it water proof >.> NO ONE wants running eyeliner.

  • Yep, it'll all come off once you get in the water unfortunately :/

  • It depends on whether it is water proof or not. If it is then leave it if it isn't it may or may not come off

  • Most of it will come off unless you use a setting spray

  • Try waterproof and don't put too much on because it will wash away


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