I look scary to people?

I sometimes catch people giving me that glance of fear when I'm walking the street or passing people by in the bus/bar.

I'm a skinny guy and I don't have any tattoos/facial hair and I always dress in good clothes, so I don't think it is my appearance.

I've heard some of my friends say that I always look like I've a angry/grumpy face going on, so maybe it that?


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  • I have an extremely grumpy/mean face going on in the mornings, mostly because I'd like to be left alone and when people don't get the message I get vicious. But after a while I get get all normal like and start smiling until the next morning lol.
    I even got kicked out of the class once because my teacher thought I was glaring at her. (I was because I hated math)
    Scary faces rule dude \m/ I like te fact that we can intimidate people without even trying :)

    • Woah. Is that even a legal reason to get kicked out of class for?

    • She hated me cuz I never listened and I always flunked Math.. she even brought that up that fact in front of my mom in a PTA meeting that I stared like an owl at her >_>

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  • First glance at me, people consider me wild
    or intimidating as well, I just smile at them, they loosen
    up and smile back. You can go far with just a good smile.

    Same as you, I don't do the whole tattoo thing, and I
    dislike facial hair on myself, but you should hold true
    to your own style, and don't get influenced by others. ^.^


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  • I do too. I don't even have tattoos, wear make up, or peircings. I have arched eye brows, baby lipys, big eyes with long eye lashes, I have dark circles around my eyes, and a pointy nose.
    My eyes are hair are really lack. Plus I wear dark clothing and I'm really quiet. I also have
    A habit of glancing at people then turning away.

  • It's called RBF- resting bitch face. It's when your neutral expression actually makes you look mad or pissed. This could certainly make people wary of you.

  • If they fear you, you can rule them. lol


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  • Try thinking about happy or funny things when around people. You will end up naturally smiling and kinda laughing. I noticed it happens to me. Something funny happened so I naturally end up smiling and laughing for a while after that. And it feels nice to look and be happy. I don't really see how people look at me but I feel good about myself which makes me happy about myself.
    Give that a try.


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