What size am I in U. S clothing?

Hey guise! So I've been wanting to buy clothes from this shop for a long time but I don't know what size am I in U. S

Could any girls out there preferably the same size as me tell me what clothing size do you wear? (: Thanks

I'm 157cm (5'1-5'2 ) , 108Ibs , Bust- 32 Inches , Waist - 23 Inches , Hips - 32 Inches.

It would really help! The dress is just too beautiful to pass ! Thanks (:


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  • You sound like me but shorter. My dress is 0 or 2 depending on the style and designer. Because you're short, try a size 0 or 2 but petite

    • Okay :3 I don't think they have that design on petite though :( would a normal size 0 or 2 fit me?

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    • Your welcome. Enjoy the dress!

    • You're

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  • https://www.womenssizechart.com/ or check out the manufacturer's size chart.

    You'd be about a size 2 in women's petite.

  • You'll have to find a size guide. It should be on any clothing website ^^ That's way more accurate.


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