I wanna change my style?

I want to start wearing a lot of black. But still in a tom boy style.
I like dressing like a tomboy, because I think it's really cute.
I don't want too look too virile though.


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  • Look at some metal or alternative looks. I really like wearing neutral colors, but an accent here or there like a silver or a gold really makes it pop without going to girly girly.

  • I'm a permanent wearer of all black. Tomboy style in all black is easily achievable in ripped black jeans and dark oversized jumpers and flannels (e. g. dark red flannel shirt over a black top. Paired with black jeans (ripped or otherwise) with your choice of boots or converse or whatever)
    Alternative fashion is a great place to find inspiration from. As is searching terms such as 'grunge fashion' or 'alternative fashion' on sites like tumblr and weheartit. Even guys style would be a great place to get ideas from since statement sweatshirts and jeans are easily found in black for colder climates. Jumpers that come past your wrists are considered cute and if the jumper is long enough it could be worn with leggings. In hotter climates 'skater girl' or 'skater guy' fashion could be copied using all black items (or mostly black items) and thin materials.

  • Black jeans are a must and a leather jacket? Boots and beanies? What exactly do you mean by tomboy?

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    • What about plaid flannels? Neon or darker colors like red?

    • One hundred pro! They are amazing go to urban outfitters or even h&m but get long sleeved ones or you'll look country also stock up on plain back-gray-white tanks