Wearing Women's Socks to Work... Good idea?

So, business casual is so boring and so are most cheap men's socks. Online there are all these awesome designer men's socks with a lot of color and design but they cost like 12 bucks a pair!

Women's socks have super similar designs and cost like 1 dollar. Would it be a big deal if I bought them and started wearing them to work? Honestly I'm just trying to have some more color and fun with my wardrobe, I hate all the black blue and grey.

This isn't a sexual thing, and I'm not trying to wear socks with flowers, just colorful designs. It just so happens that they were bought in the women's section of the store.


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    Just kidding go for it I doubt anyone would notice unless they have flowers or other girly designs on them. Or you can stop being cheap and just buy like 5 pairs of good mens socks. They'll probably feel better than the $1 womens socks.


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  • If they fit and you like the way they look, I don't see a problem!

  • Sure, I wear men's bras to work all the time and no one seems to notice.


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