What clothes will make a not attractive 20 year old guy attractive?

college guy so please dont say suits. I can't afford more than one.

has nothing to do with hygiene or body (i workout for aesthetic reasons )

my hair , is short not much i can do with it (plus im gonna go bald due to genetics )

just give me styles that make a woman notice a not good looking guy

oh ya please dont tell me just buy from this website ((my sense is terrible ), just give me the link to the clothes

i really want a girlfriend this year , i dont like being the guy who has never even had a female friend or a girl attracted to him

If you want to see how i look like really to give a better suggestion based on my body type feel free to message me

thank you


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  • It's not really about clothes but about how the clothes lays on the body for me. You can be gorgeous and be noticed in a trash bag.

    I do have some don'ts of mine though:

    No cargo shorts
    No Tap Out Shirts
    No snapbacks
    No Jordans
    No saggy jeans


    But really, it all depends on the girl looking.

  • I like v neck t-shirt and a black jean :) that's my personal preference. And no I don't like men in suits don't worry + it's silly to go to college in suits :/

  • Maybe some skinny jeans and a flannel shirt and for shoes I think van. I lot of girls tend to like hipster guys theses days so this should work and just be yourself I'm sure you're a wonderful person

  • First off, initial attraction may be physical, but you have to be able to carry on a conversation in order to hook a girl. Look will merely get you noticed. That said
    Men look great in button up shirts/and or shirts with a collar. But make sure it fits. If it's too big it looks lazy/ghetto if it's too small it looks bad. Next, dark colored jeans, they can look classy or casual depending on what you pair it with.
    Yes clothing is expensive but if you think about it as an investment then spending the money won't be as hard. Also check out thrift stores in or near an expensive neighborhood, you can usually find high end clothing for a low price!


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