How should I dress? I'm absolutely clueless?

No one really taught me how to dress. How should I dress for college to impress the ladies?
I'm southeast aisan_bangladesh
I have like a redwood skin color.
I'm 5'10, 170lbs, fit, black hair, black eyes


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  • Wear a tie, a collared shirt tucked in, a leather belt, dark jeans or slacks, leather shoes, sweaters ( for fall/winter) and a tie clip. If possible try to get two suits (grey, tan. Brown and navy are the most versitile)(avoid black suits, only appropriate for formal events) and a grey blazer. Get a peacoat for the winter. Try looking for the suits, and blazers in thrift shops. Try to get the shirts semi-fitted.


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  • Hey man, it really depends on who you are, even if it is shallow people do make first impressions about you depending on how you dress. So what do you like? Are you into a hobby? Do you like Captain America? Wear a Captain America shirt! I'm an intern at a professional company so sometimes I can't dress like I would at school when i'm at work. In this case I tend to just get a nice black button down, some khakis, and some black dress shoes. If its just college id recommend some shirts like this. (There are many spaces so I can post it for you, I just joined this site) ht tp://w ww. ko hls c om/pro duct/p rd-176 4753/Urb an-Pipeline-Bas eball-H enley-Men. jsp

    Its simple, and it looks good. Hope this helped you man.
    L8r brah- Carson


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