Girls! Do any of you waist train?

I'll be 18 next month. I'm planning on getting a corset soon. Do you know of any good brands that I could find online, and about how pricey are they?

Also, I'm slim. 5'3" and 115 pounds. I don't have much fat around my waist. Its 26 inches, and 23 is really what I'm aiming for. I'd settle for 24. I don't want to look unnatural or weird, just tinier c: is a 2-3 inch loss realistic and about how long would it take if worn almost 24/7?

Another question... does it make eating uncomfortable?


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  • Look them up on Amazon! That's where I go to get all of my corsets. When buying a corset you'll have to measure your bust line, waist, and hip areas. When looking at the size charts on each shop online-if ANY of your measurements falls into a larger size bracket-get it in that size! Example-if your waist and hips fall in a small but your bust falls in a medium-get the medium! Every store varies so look at their chart! My most expensive corset so far was $40 but that was because it had steel bones. Plastic and acrylic boned corsets can cost as little as $11. DO NOT wear bras with corsets. Bras took the place of corsets-corsets were the original bra so they will naturally support your breasts like a bra. By putting a bra on underneath your ruining the influence the corset will have on your waist. Also don't wear them when you sleep. If you do you will cause yourself HARM! Time on training varies with the type of bone the corset has. Steel is the quickest but it's also the least affordable. Plastic can take up to three months before results and steel-three weeks. People everywhere will tell you that they are uncomfortable but that's usually coming from the mouth of someone that's had ill fitted corsets or that haven't even worn them before. If it fits it will be snug but it will give you so much support it will actually feel GOOD even when eating!!!

    • Thanks that was extremely helpful. I'm willing to spend up to $30 right now. When you get your corset, do you tighten it as you get smaller or do you have to buy a new one?

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    • Oh yeah I'm just trying to keep it under clothes, hopefully discretely!

    • Thanks for MH! :)

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  • What is waist training? Sounds awful...

    • Wearing a corset

    • Why? I get the tiny waist part but why?

    • For me its more about making my hips smaller. Just looks better.

  • So... confused


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