help, braces. getting them off but still wonky?

I get my braces off in 10 days... Same day as GCSE results day, great. I got them on in Novemeber:) but I feel my top 4 front teeth are wonky. Everything else is fine. My lateral incisor on my right overlaps my front tooth causing my other front to become uneven. The main reason I got braces was because of my front teeth and two of my bottom teeth. My two front teeth weren't level but now they are:) I get my retainer thee day after I get them off. I'm having a different orthodontist to take them off, will she notice? :(


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  • If you're bothered by it, ask. They'll take your words into consideration, as it could just be in your head. Or maybe the particular retainer will help (I used to have braces too). I had one tooth shortened on request because it was slightly too long.

    • Thank you! I know it's not in my head as I can actually feel the overlap! What type of retainers would help?

    • Well they give you an upper and a lower plastic night retainer but you might get metal wires behind your teeth if they have a chance of moving back (like mine). The wires are pretty standard and you learn to ignore them. But I don't know all the types of night /permanent retainers/wires.

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