Vacation: a guy I've known for 2 weeks said his friends invited him on a vacation. He asked about my availabilities but hasn't invited me?

I've known this guy for 2 weeks. We've gone out twice. On the second date, he told me his friends are planning on a trip to Hawaii and he got invited to join. He asked how much vacation time I have left and how far advanced I needed to give notice to take holidays. But he didn't say to invite me as well. Does he want me to go with him?


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  • It's possible but that's really weird. I'm not sure going on a vacation with a random guy you just met is a good idea

    • That's true. The vacation is 2 months away though. And I'm really interested in him. That's why I'm considering. But yes I will make sure I'm safe

    • Still kinda soon. If you go make sure you have a way back in case something goes wrong. He might be waiting to ask to get to know you better first

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