Is beauty common? (but, we definitely know that GAG doesn't find simplicity in questions beautiful)

Argus14 just said 'beauty is common'.

I'm not so sure it is. It's a little out of the ordinary, but it's not uncommon.

Specifically, there are many beautiful women in the world
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  • No, beauty is a rare, fragile flower
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  • Kinda, there's lots of beauty around
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  • Kinda, if you look for it, you'll find it.
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  • Hell yeah beauty is common dude. Lots of people are born with a pretty face. Lots of people have nice bodies. I can walk outside in any direction and point out dozens of men and women who I believe a good portion of people would believe are beautiful/pretty/whatever you want to call it.

    Essentially though when I say beauty is common though I'm asking a beautiful person: "So what else do you got?" After all seeing the sheer number of pretty people that are out there what makes someone think they can rest on that attribute alone? Why should I be impressed?

    There's my take on it anyway. Really didn't word it the best but I'm not about to go back and revise it.

    • You know what. I don't even think it matters how you define beautiful either. There's what 6-7 billion people on this planet. Even if you find 1% of the population beautiful that's still what 60-70 million people?

    • I concur, there's a lot of beauty out there.

      But I've met some women, who, while nice and stuff, are really, really hard to look at/or anything else. Don't do anything for me. Chemistry ain't there.

      While there are others, who've got nice enough bodies/nice voices/etc/etc - but zilch upstairs, or are actually hideous, crazy monsters underneath that pretty exterior. And some have zero in the way of personality, or depth.

      Anyways, there's a fair amount (some? a few?) of 'do not want' and only some 'hmm, worth investigating', so I don't think beauty is something that can totally be written off.

    • Not completely written off. You're missing the point, which is probably my fault I haven't explained myself clearly.

      Assume you found someone you found to be physically beautiful. Once that has been established you need to focus on who the person is. The fact that they are pretty shouldn't be a deciding factor on whether or not you continue to associate with this person. Who cares that they are pretty? There's millions of people just as pretty. So why settle?

      Again it comes back to: "So? What else you got?"

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  • I think we are too easily deceived by the external, by appearances, by the tangible. True beauty is everywhere. It radiates from inward. Not a function of appearance (well of course it is, since outer is a reflection of the inner to some degree - talking rhetorically). My view is those inwardly tumultuous, and whose mind drags them from pillar to post, often fail to see beauty in a transcendental light.

  • I'm having a hard time following. "Not uncommon" is the same thing as being... common. So... you agree then?

    Beauty is subjective.

    • Picky, picky. :) I'm tired.

      How about, not unusual? :P

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    • Or, maybe I should say, semi-common. Being not on one extreme: common vs. uncommon - means you're in the middle. The words are not an on/off switch.

    • Does it matter? I answered anyway.

  • depends on the definition of beauty. for every one of us it's different.

    in terms of my definition of beauty, I'm gonna say D.

  • Outer beauty is very common with the use of make up and every new gadget you can turn the ugliest woman into a beauty queen. Inner beauty is not common but neither rare its all personality.

  • Everyone's definition of beauty is different.

    I know in my opinion, it's pretty rare. And for some reason, the girls I find beautiful are usually average and sometimes unattractive to other guys.

    • I wasn't trying to get into a 'you must find this beautiful or else!!!' argument.

      I think we all recognize that different people have different tastes.

      There are some things, that statistically, we can say many people find attractive. But that doesn't make it beautiful.

    • Woah woah woah, this was never an argument, just stating my opinion haha.

  • Honestly, it's very hard for me to not legitimately call someone beautiful (men included, no homo).

  • outer beauty is yes, inner not so much.
    its rare to find the combination of the two
    if that makes sense

    • Yes, outer beauty is. I think when I originally wrote that the asker thought I was talking about the combination of the two.

    • lol, okay glad we're on the same page lol

  • Beauty is very common. But beauty is different for everyone

  • beauty is common when u want it !

  • i think its common.


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