What are some pretty/cute ways to have your hair up?

I've just started a new job as a waitress and am required to have my hair up every shift. I have medium length, dark brown, thick wavy hair and am just wondering what styles I could try instead of just a ponytail or a bun.. Thankyou! :)


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  • I worked at a theme park where it was HOT so I always had my hair up.
    -I like to put it up like a high pony, and then fishtail braid the "ponytail" part, and secure it with a clear elastic.
    -Braid your hair thats on you scalp, and then put the rest into a ponytail, or you could put the rest into a bun.

    I would search for hair styles like that on youtube. You can do a lot of variations of braids to put your hair up. YouTube is always helpful.


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  • You could do an easy chignon if your hair doesn't have lots of layers. I used to do it all the time when my hair was still short enough, and it took me 5 minutes to do.


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