What to talk about?

When first approaching a girl, what should a guy say? What should he talk about?


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  • Couple examples are

    1)Hi!I'm _____,how are you doing?

    2)(U notice bag and say)Excuse me,sry to borther u,but I had to ask you what is the story on that bag.

    After successing ask Open end questions that don't end with a Yes or a No

    U can even combine a Close end question with a Open end question.



    U:How would you define ur style of dressing?(Since you already asked about the bag you chain things)


    She tells you and there will be cues in the words she say's,so that you can keep the conversation going.

    You can even ask her what she thinks you should do to improve ur style.(People love giving there Opinion)

    Become a good listener and keep good eye contact,show respect for her and she will feel important.(Smile,but not too much)

    Remember things she say's and bring them back to show you care about what she has to say and you will be able to keep the conversation going for 30 mins and up.

    Also don't talk too long and close with this for example,but try ur best to think of ur own.

    U:Since it seems like we had a great conversation give me ur number,so continue this another time.(With a smile)


    Just get ur own flow and try to bring her to a topic that's interesting to u,so you can just wing it from there.



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  • I would start with "hello!"

    I think it depends a lot on whether you have met her or not. If you and she are in a group or class together, how about asking if she liked the lecture, or what happened last week .

    If its something like trying to approach someone in a coffee shop, find something you and she have in common to talk about. If she orders a blueberry scone, you can tell her those are your favorites, and has she ever tried the cinnamon buns?

    hope that helped

    • Not really that I have a problem starting a convo, its more that I'm too intimidated by girls, to start one. like I know what I want to say, etc... but, I'm too scared of what she'll think of me, as I try and say it, so then I just wind up saying nothing. this is just a confidence thing I know, but still, lol. doesn't their have to be an initial physical attraction though?, you can't just go up to a girl whos not looking at you too, and try saying hi, she might be freaked out. ooo, then there's jailbai

    • Jailbait, as I was at the grociery store the other day, and these really young girls were looking at me, I was like, umm, you're too young, lol

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  • nothing in particular...just something they can relate to. Be funny or crack a joke...that may help