How can I make it look like I have a lot of clothes, with low resources?

I got my pay ticket and I want to spend it on new clothes, I have 180$ and I know it's not too much but I want to use them well.
I already have maybe 5 pairs of pants but not too many shoes (I only have uggs, converse, flip-flops and like some kind of moccasins) and not too many shirts or sweaters
I live in Canada so it's pretty cold here.
Can you guys help me and give me some advice on what clothes should I buy, where can I buy them and how should I combine the clothes?
Thank you xx


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  • Sometimes thrift stores, or yard sells can get you some surprisingly nice clothes, for very little money.

  • haha because your somebody if you have a bursting wardrobe but a nobody if you have the clothes you stand in


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