Do curvier girls look bigger?

Why do people assume that curvy chics are heavier than those who have no curves? Like when they say "your boobs make you look fuller". I mean boobs can't weigh more than 3pounds when you are 17 right? So does a small waist compared to large breasts give the illusion that a girl is bigger/heavier?


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  • Unfortunately, I think it does mean that curvier girls look bigger sometimes. And boobs can weigh more... there are plenty of girls younger than 17 who have quite big boobs and they are heavy (and hurt their back O. o)...
    Curvier girls that are young usually don't know how to dress for their figure which makes them look a bit bigger, but if you find your style and learn how to accentuate your waist, then you'll be fine.


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  • Sort of yes, sort of no... big in parts and not in others. I prefer curvy and thick. But BMI makes no real reflection of if someone is over or under weight. I have a high bmi, i'm classed as verging obese, yet i don't have an ounce of fat. I take weight figures with a grain of salt

  • Not necessarily. Only a certain part might look wider but another might look thinner. Or, one wider part might make the others look wider to be proportionate.

  • the girl being thin and having big breast and butt make her boobs and butt look bigger. the proportion of your body is mostly on both of em so you actually still are thin but get the most looks from guys.

    • the thing is i weigh 94lbs but my friends are like "no way you are less than 110lbs look at your boobs"
      does that even make sense?

    • boobs? so you have small boobs.

    • oh didn't read exactly. boobs can be heavy but this is a compliment. you may have a hot body

  • No not always.
    There are lits of curvy women who don't look big.
    But you know these fat girl call them curvy and changed the whole meaning of curvy

    • i know right? how can you be curvy when your bmi is over 25?

    • Exactly.

      If you are fat , Fucking accept it and work out to be curvy or sexy , if not , keep your fucking mouth shut and don't ruin the meaning of word curvy.

      Right now i saw a question about a girl 5'3" weighing 130 pounds , and she asked am i fat?
      I mean do you mean too compete whale , if not you are fucking fat.

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  • Nope , that's the hour glass shape figure (: It doesn't make you look heavier or bigger , it just , like you said makes you look curvy. Unless you're big sized then that would make u look bigger (but hour glass shape would still be able to pull that off!)

    • im an hourglass with measurements 32-22-32 and i weigh 96lbs. sometimes i feel chubby but my friends also think im at least 110 lbs. anyway i guess it's not a big deal

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