Butter London has anyone heard of the company?

I was told about this company named butter London nail polish. Is anybody familiar with this brand? And if you are let me know if their products are good quality and the price range please thank you 😘💅


This is what they look like 😊


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  • Yeah I've heard of them and have a few polishes from them. I personally don't see them being different or any better than OPI. They're definitely more expensive than OPI, they might be $15 or $16. Sophora, Nordstroms, and Ulta sells them.

    • Mhmm so since their similar to OPI the quality should be similar as well?

    • Yes, should be. I know Butter London states that they are 3 free nail lacquer meaning that they don't add in formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP (I have no idea what these are) but they seem proud of the fact.

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  • Yes I've heard of the name but I have never used them. I think they're somewhere around the price frange of Essie and OPI.


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