I can't find a hairstyle can anyone help?

Yea I've been trying to find a new haircut style for months but still nothing. before trying to find a style I would just cut it shorter. when I began the hunt of a new style I would go to places and tell the person about my little journey but they would just cut it shorter like I always did. I mean like they completely avoided what I wanted and made no effort to help me type of way. I don't know here is a pic of me s763.photobucket.com/.../...7_zps77e9e298.jpg.html . I lost a couple of pounds from the time I took this pic but my hair is around the same maybe a little longer. I've been researching like finding my face shape and hairstyles for curly hair but nothing. Although I have found that really short hair is not for me. the face shape thing I don't know if its diamond or what when I dont smile my face is more narrow going toured my chin. so yea any help please


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  • I seriously think you should reconsider the short hair thing. If you cut it into a fohawk (minature fake mohawk) it would look so much better. Curly hair isn't my taste, so a short cut wouod look nice. I imagined your face with a fohawk and it look actuallu great if done right. I hope I helped in any way and please give feedback in comments below! :)


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