Why guys don't care about their appearance as girls do? that's ridiculous!?

i can't believe how most guys can get out of their home unwashed, unshaved, etc just like that. They don't care as much as women do, and that's really sad and scary... i feel sometimes that i'm surrounded by aliens, becaus i'm a guy and i do care for my appearance as much as a woman does. I watch my diet and remain skinny, and i take good care of my hair as well and i do wax my body.

WHy you guys don't you care so much? it's really sad...


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  • lol finally thats hot u wax like iv'e been telling my dad guys should shave hahah he's like guys don't do that were guys but yeah haha i think thats good u take care of urself but honestly if a girl reallly cares about a guy she will just except them for the way they are especially if they want the guy to do the same and some people can always afford to do that stuff so i don't judge i just except a guy for being him after all im not here to pick out anyones flaws i try to see the good then the bad and base my opinion on that and there personality i think guys do they just don't have time to do certain things at times they wish they could

    • oh gosh they sound like aliens to me... how can they stand their body hair?

    • ha aliens some guys i do think are on another planet but some girls like guys with hair i think it just depends on how the guy looks with facial hair on some guys can pull it off some guys can't i like guys shaved and with hair but they do look good shaved :)

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  • I think the reason they don't care is because they are less likely to get judged by their appearance. Even the most selfless guys are usually superficial when it comes to woman. While guys can get by with just a good personality - they don't have to be hot.

    • who gives a fuck about personality if you look like a shit

  • Well when we're young we're taught to look nice to make men like us. Boys are just taught to hang out and have fun. We're taught to clean dishes and cook, their taught to play football. Trust me I know I saw it happen with me and my brother. Anyways I think boys are taught that they can look fine and women will still want them but girls are taught that unless we like them men won't want us. They teach us to be appealing visually, not because of personality or brains but because of the how we look. It's a really stupid social norm that we need to stop imprinting on our kids

    • YEAH!!! stupid norm just as you said!!! And btw, i know to clean dishes and cook but i don't have any idea about football. And i'm glad i didn't follow that stupid norm. Men should understand that appearance counts as well

  • Think cause other guys say insult to another man if he do a lot of grooming himself

    • those who insult are fools

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