Most attractive outfit for ladies (older gents pls help a gal out!)?

What kind of outfits do men ages early 30+ like seeing women dressed in? What makes her look attractive. Think workplace, parties, social gatherings, outings with friends family, colleagues?
Also consider different age groups of women...

Young adults (early/late 20s)
Adult women 30s+

Thankyou all for your advice and helpful pics!! :-)


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  • I don't really care that much. I love fitted clothes, short shorts, skirts and dresses. I love those tight shirts that have lace on the bottom. I like a girl that dresses a little modest or classy but then makes it sexy. I'm very easy though. I want the girl to feel comfortable ultimately. I don't think your age will change the necessary clothing style. If you have a nice body you might as well show it a little.

    • Modest but sexy sound so polar opposite, but i get what u mean, thanks for the help!

    Some basic variation of this. Dress or top/skirt, cute looking, feminine, prefer pantyhose. It can be casual or professional.

    • Your right this one is very versatile! Very lovely

  • hii :) well im not exactly in my early 30s but i am gay and in love with fashion :)

    in my opinion, nothing too short or revealing. something classy but speaks out is always a good way to go. Peplum tops are totally in, crop tops have been in for a while now and combining those top tops with a cute pencil skirt is a fab outfit! plus if the tops are lacy makes it all the prettier, sexier and more eye catching. popping colors are a good idea too! plus, the most important factor to these outfits though is that you wear them with confidence girl!!

    • Thank you!! I adore peplum dresses, i like your tips i think they really embody femeninty, i will look for these styles for weekend wear! Thankyou!! :)

  • little black dress is always a plus


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