If you had to compose an outfit from these items with free choice of colours, what would it be?

Girls, guys please choose one of these outfits and tell me the colour you'd want each item to be (you can alter them from what's shown on the pic).
For girls outfit 1 or 2 and for guys outfit 3 or 4.

1) Either this top, combined with jeans, bare feet or knee socks as you like and pumps.

2) Or this nice summer dress (also choose the colour of the shoes).

3) What colour of swaeter and pants please...

4) What colour of jacket, sweater and jeans?
  • Girl - outfit 1 (add colours in opinion please)
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  • Girl - outfit 2 (add colours in opinion please)
    Vote B
  • Guy - outfit 3 (add colours in opinion please)
    Vote C
  • Guy - outfit 4 (add colours in opinion please)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I HATE heels. Of any kind. As both outfits come with heels... I'd rather be naked.

    But I'd rather wear jeans so outfit one. And the colors are fine. But I'll be barefoot with no shoes at all.

    • Haha, I wouldn't mind if my girl would be barefoot though I can imagine it may become a little unfomfortable out on the streets :-)

    • Haha, I really liked your "rather naked" and "rather barefoot" statements :-)
      I'll spare you from heels, especially for you some outfits with jeans & flat shoes!

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • I like girl 1's outfit.
    I choose 3 for myself. In terms of color top it's gonna be black grey or white.

    • Clear! I'd also choose 3 to get preferably a girl wearing nr 2 :-)

  • Outfit #2: I'd make the shoes bright red, add a gold cuff to her wrist, and get a more interesting looking belt. Possibly add a quite sweater.

  • It depends on what im doing but I like #1 with bare feet and I already like the color.

    I like exactly how #3 is for the guy by the way lol


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