I'm a guy. However, I want to wear a bit more girly clothes. What could I buy and what stores are best for buying them?

Well the thing is I'm a guy and I like a bit more to the girly side. My parents would kill me if I did it too girly. So far V-Necks are working out because they're androgynous as well as extreme skinny jeans. However other then that I'm outta ideas.

So I was wondering what the most androgynous clothes and stores out there. Thanks -^^-

P. S. Post pics/links of the clothes that you think look pretty androgynous and cute. Thanks ^^
Also. Money is not a problem. Thanks ^^


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  • Forever 21!! They have a great selection of stylish, but not too girly men's clothes! Everytime I go I wish I had a guy friend to buy clothes for! lol.


    • Ahaha any other ideas? My dad would kill me if he saw Forever 21. And I technically want borderline girly for guys. Lets just sayyy... If I wanted to be a girl. But my parents would kill me if I had girl clothes. But I want to look cute so I need to get androgynous clothes. XD Lol!

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    • Yep!! Sorry if I don't reply though, I don't usually log on this often!

    • Ahaha I getcha. Me neither.

  • You could always get some cute cardigans, no pictures, sorry :(. If you go to department stores like Dillards or Macy's and get stuff from the girl's section, they'd never know. (Unless your folks went with you of course)


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